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The Ultimate Clearing is a monthly virtual gathering of conscious and empowered women dedicated to holding space for one another.

Become a part of this virtual circle, where youll have support, acceptance and connection in your back pocket!

Allow yourself to openly take off the many hats, masks and identities you take on every day in this safe space.  

Sit with other women in authentic form and nurture the true essence within yourself.  

Come away from this gathering with clarity around what is blocking you from accessing your core truths and move back into alignment with your hearts song.

The environment Melissa creates in “The Ultimate Clearing” is one of authenticity, honesty, and potential transformation for all present.

It was one that really broke my heart open in a new way. In this space, I was able to further acknowledge the light I’ve always held within.

I have been inspired to go beyond fear and begin sharing that light. She is truly doing wonderful, transformative work, and I am grateful. Miri

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Join the sisterhood.

You will have new motivation and inspiration to discover what is needed to create and sustain devoted, monthly intentions in thought, action and belief.

The Ultimate Clearing is an ongoing, energetic touchpoint of what is most important not only to your personal desires but to the greater good of our collective consciousness.

Here we honor and celebrate your individual gifts and talents with the mission of inspiring you into action so the world can be touched by your creative brilliance and passions.

Lets Go Inward Together

What do you want to be celebrating at the end of next month?

The Ultimate Clearing will offer you the space to discover those answers and support their growth with tools, support and accountability to make functional choices that will manifest your deepest, core desires and hearts song.

Do you want to walk into each new month with a clear plan outlining the ways of being, behaviors and personal responsibilities needed to be anchored in a mindful and meaningful month?

Every Month You Will Receive

  • Melissas Root+Release+Align monthly devotional worksheet for exploring and setting goals
  • Monthly 75-90 minute group call including a live talk from Melissa, open group share, Q&A, and guided meditation

The tools of this membership program are designed to guide you to your intuitive voice so you may connect with your core values and anchor lovingly into a blueprint of action so those desires may be realized into your life experience.

Working with Melissa jump-started me on the most outrageously fulfilling connection to myself and my spiritual gifts.

I’ve never been so encouraged, so supported and so inspired in this work. She believes in you — at the CORE of your being –from Day 1 and it’s so clear at her dedication to her work and relationships. Catherine Duennebier

Brooklyn, New York

Do all of this with the support of  your fellow UC community!

 The Ultimate Clearing is a growing, global group of women devoted to raising their individual consciousness so that we may raise our collective community into love through connection, support and personal responsibility.


By joining The Ultimate Clearing virtual gathering you will:

  • Be guided through self-inventory exercises to raise your personal awareness around blockages, disempowered beliefs, and stagnant energy, and how to let go of them
  • Participate in group breathing and movement exercises to allow your energetic body to be heard and felt as well as journaling and meditation practices for intention setting and manifestation
  • Be provided with a sacred space to reflect on the previous month and where your tools of self-empowerment could be put into a more focused practice
  • Feel the comradery of like-minded individuals walking a similar path of truth and service, and receive continual support from your new community in your private Facebook group


Monthly group calls will last 75 to 90 minutes. You will receive your monthly Ultimate Clearing Intention worksheet the last week of each month.

Program Details

Upon joining, you will receive your Ultimate Clearing Membership Guide explaining everything you need to know in order to maximize your monthly experience.

Walk into each new month anchored and recharged to practice self-care with tools that support you in being present to the power of life itself.

Join the Ultimate Clearing, a community dedicated to living a life from the inside out that is anchored in contribution, service and divine love. Embark on a new and fun journey to refresh your devotion to what is most important now within you and allow it to sing its song.

Melissa helps you heal & lead from the inside out. She values the unique talents & gifts within you and guides you to meet that part.

As a result, you cannot be small with her and then really impact the world in the way you should.

Dr. Michelle Thompson

Brooklyn, New York

Join usyour soul is waiting to SHINE.

Enrollment is now open!


What is The Ultimate Clearing?
A monthly membership program that fosters sacred space for sisterhood, connection and elevation.

Each month you will be offered new tools and methods to clear out perceived truths and limiting expectations for an entirely new and empowered way of being that is anchored in one’s core values and intuitive voice plus the how-to tools to sustain that connection for the month ahead of you.

What if I need to cancel?

While I am so glad you are here and would hate to see you go, you can cancel at any time and your membership will end at the end of your current thirty-day membership cycle.

Your pricing will never go up while you remain a member.

You may cancel your membership below.

When will I receive my Ultimate Clearing assets?

You will receive your monthly Ultimate Clearing assets including your Monthly Intention & Clearing worksheet, confirmation of the next call and a love letter from me recapping the current month’s focus topic within 48 hours of our monthly group call.

What date will my monthly charge fall on?
Ultimate Clearing will be charged on the 15th of every month.
What day and time does the Ultimate Clearing happen?
Our monthly group call will be held the last Thursday of every month at 7:30pm EST.  Miss a call? No problem!
You will be sent the recording of the call in your monthly Ultimate Clearing email within 48 hours of our last call.
How will I be notified of group call and login information?
All the magic happens in your private UC Facebook membership group!
The Ignite From Within team will be working hard to keep you informed of all call dates, login information and reminders!
We got you!
You will be sent the recording of the call in your monthly Ultimate Clearing email within 48 hours of our last call.
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